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Lifestyle Brand

Sierra Dew is a lifestyle brand that strives to create trendsetting "conscious" wearable art for the contemporary woman. You are wearing urban art, giving energy and a beautiful edginess to your wardrobe. We are a socially conscious label bringing consumer awareness to purchasing choices.


Sierra Dew is the artist behind the company. She creates both the prints and the jewelry.


Our garments use organic cotton, sweatshop free, recycled, and vintage fabrics.  We use 100% non-toxic water-based inks while printing, which add to the softness of our fabrics. The garments are printed locally in Honolulu.

Each garment has a one of a kind tag printed on organic cotton and signed by the artist.


The jewelry line uses handpicked shells from a lifetime of passionate beach combing.


Our designs are made in limited quantities. Custom designs are also available.

Eco-Textile Clothing

Sierra begins all her prints by creating a stenciled image and painting onto fabric. The screen print art creates a complete composition of the stencil painted fabric, freehand details with pen, and a combination of graphics Sierra has designed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.



Jewelry and Accessories


Sierra Dew's jewelry is chunky and powerful incorporating mainly Hawaiian shells and vintage beads. Sierra Dew also creates jewelry using the lost wax casting technique. The designs are very natural and abstract, creating both flowing and severe shapes. Shape and texture are inspiring and the idea of mixing geometric regularity with the “imperfection” of abstract shapes.


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